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(UPDATE: My full recap is live!) Double eviction! Are there any words in the English language more magical? Probably, but who cares! The stage is set for an evening that will reshape the power dynamics in the Big Brother house. The fragile-but-powerful Helen-Aaryn-Amanda coalition has ruled the house for the last few weeks. But tensions are rising. Amanda is going power-crazy. Lesser players like Spencer and Jessie appear anxious to make big moves. Who’s going home? Let’s find out. (Spoilers from here.)

And the first evicted contestant is…[SPOILERS GUYS, F’REAL] Alas, poor clownitard: Candice was kicked out by a unanimous vote. There was a last-second attempt to launch a counterrattack against Amanda. Jessie was Candice’s champion, and Helen seemed open to a blindside — but Helen, ever the savvy politician, knew she needed the voice. And in an offhanded revelation, the show revealed that Judd and Andy are in a Final Four alliance with McCramda. Ultimately, Andy (and by extension, Helen) decided that the time wasn’t right to strike against Amanda.

UPDATE: Aaryn has just on the Head of Household challenge. It is entirely possible that a Hellmouth is about to open underneath the Big Brother house.

UPDATE 2: Aaryn put Jessie and Spencer on the block, with the semi-clear intention of getting Jessie out.

UPDATE 3: Aaryn won the Veto competition. Coincidentally, she also traveled back in time and killed Bruce Wayne’s parents.

UPDATE 4: In a shocking move, Aaryn took Jessie off the block. In an even more shocking move, she put up Judd. She claimed that Judd had been plotting against her, and also claimed that everyone in the house (besides two people) told her this is what they wanted. In context, this is like claiming that a cute teddy bear was a terrorist cyborg all along.

UPDATE 5: And just like that, Judd is out of the house. Goodbye, bear shirt. It was a shocking turn of events, with the house unanimously voting him out. It’s unclear exactly what went down — Judd himself told Julie, “I’m more confused than anyone.” It’s clear that Helen was pulling Aaryn’s strings: Afterwards, she assured her blonde protégé that she had done the right thing.

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