By Lindzi Scharf
August 07, 2013 at 09:23 PM EDT
Courtesy of MTV

Katy Perry may have hung up her blue wig, but Lily Collins picked up on the bold hair trend for her appearance in a stylish new music video.

The Mortal Instruments actress sports a blue coif in M83’s “Claudia Lewis,” in which she plays an alien sent from outer space to experience high school here on Earth.

The mastermind behind Collins’ vibrant look? None other than fellow actress Bryce Dallas Howard, who directed the video — which co-stars Israel Broussard (The Bling Ring) and Ashley Rickards (Awkward) — for MTV’s critically acclaimed Supervideo series. (Drew Barrymore previously worked with the franchise on a video for Best Coast’s “Our Deal,” in which she directed Chloe Moretz, Shailene Woodley, and Donald Glover.)

“Blue hair is definitely having a moment,” Howard recently told, though I’m guessing she was likely referencing Lea Seydoux’s Blue is the Warmest Color, and not Amanda Bynes’ wigged look for a recent court appearance. “It happens at least every seven years.” The Help actress took visual cues from David Bowie’s 1976 sci-fi drama The Man Who Fell to Earth, but added her own timely twist. “We were toying around with the idea of [giving] her orange-ish hair [like Bowie’s]… but we wanted to go for something that was truly other-worldly.”

When it came to Collins’ wardrobe, Howard worked closely with costume designer Patrik Milani. EW caught up with Milani to learn more. Read on to find out more about Collins’ space makeover and watch the video. 

EW: How did the blue wig come about?

Patrik Milani: I was told from the beginning that she was going to have blue hair. That was something the hairdresser Johnny Stuntz and Bryce decided on before I got onto the job. Because of the blue hair, I wanted to go with [a look that was] warm. Everything I pulled was a warm color, like violet. Everything needed to contrast the hair.

What inspired the rest of Lily’s look?

Bryce wanted the aesthetic to be something otherworldly, something that you couldn’t pin down to an area or to a nation. That was always clear from the beginning, but we didn’t want her to look like a freaky alien. I wanted to mix different eras. The boots she wears are from 1910. They were so uncomfortable and Lily was such a doll because they were literally falling apart. I had to glue them down a couple of times. Her dress was from the 90’s, then we wanted something that was water repellant and transparent, so [she wears] a plastic raincoat from the 60’s. I didn’t want her to be ultra-modern, so I said, “Let’s just mix a bunch of styles.”

How did Lily react to her transformation?

She was great! I’ve never had somebody with such uncomfortable shoes be such a good sport. I put insoles in them and I was sure she’d say, “No [I’m not wearing them],” but she said, “If it works for the character, I’ll wear them.” We shot for two days, so she probably wore them for about 12 hours. She’s so great. I had these slippers for her [to change into during breaks], but she said, “No, it’s fine. It’ll hurt more if I take them off.” She’s amazing. Such a nice girl.

What was it like working with Bryce Dallas Howard?

She was very collaborative. Bryce is such a good communicator. It’s not always like that with directors.

How many looks total did you pull for this shoot?

The video takes place over one day and one night. I dressed her, Israel, and Ashley. The extras mostly came already dressed, Bryce [had] cast them with a special casting agent. We had, like, five racks [of costumes] for all three of the leads.

Where did the wardrobe come from?

Warner Brothers was amazing. We had a small budget on this video and they practically gave me the stuff for free. I pulled almost everything from Warner Brothers. They hooked us up! I also went to the Rose Bowl. The one thing that was really important was that I wanted something that was handmade, so I sourced a hand-knit sweater from this wonderful designer named Eugene Ong.

Any fun anecdotes from the shoot?

The night scene [which takes place on the beach] was absolutely freezing and Lily was getting wet, but she was great about it. Even though it was such a low-budget, I have such good memories from the shoot.