Courtney Love is currently on tour through the end of this month, ripping through sets featuring Hole songs that sound as fresh as they did two decades ago. And after laying relatively low for a while, she’s got a lot coming up: A new album, a book, and a whole lot of social media suggestions. On her way to the airport, Love called in to give us updates on everything happening in Loveland.

EW: What inspired this tour you’re on?

Courtney Love: I was supposed to have a single out right now. Someone promised me a unicorn and then another unicorn, and then none of the unicorns came. I’m really pretty experienced now, so when people promise me unicorns, I really want to buy them, but I’m also really quick to say, “OK, f— off if there’s no unicorn coming.” But this is a fun tour. We have a guy named Ginger who is a brilliant guitar player. He’s like a [Billy] Corgan kind of guy, in the sense that he’s very gifted and very very loud. I have two very loud guitar players, so I’m always afraid my vocals will get drowned out. I’m also going to L.A. for a few days. I’m trying out for a film and I’m trying out for an HBO show, and I have a meeting for a Showtime show.

So you’re getting back into acting?

I have a new agent for the first time in a long time, and people thought—and for a while this was true—that I wasn’t interested in acting. But now I am, and I’m pursuing it really aggressively. I might even have to move back to L.A. to pursue it. We’ll see. I mean, I’m not Liev Schreiber, and I’m not going to play MacBeth at the Public [Theater], you know?

Do you relish the idea of moving back to Los Angeles after living in New York?

I lived there for twenty-some years. I don’t know who the hot new writers are or the hot new director is. I’ve been out of the loop for a long time. But I have a proactive, great agent now, and it’s a really important thing. I lived in L.A. for most of my life, but I’ve been in New York since ’09, and people still ask me, “Are you here now?” It’s like, “Yes, I’ve been here. I’m around.” According to some site, I went out 64 times in 2012. I don’t keep track of it, but they do. That’s 64 gowns, though. That’s 64 gowns you can’t wear again.

You said you were supposed to have a single out. Will there be new music soon?

We have eight songs recorded so far. But I also did a Fall Out Boy video for the song that I sing on. That thing was expensive, too. That was like rap money. Or ‘90s money. The first one was four grand, and it was successful, so the record company started giving it up, so when I got on set I was like, “This is like 1997! It’s like a 200,000 dollar video!” 40 chicks in here destroying Fender Mustangs in the evil factory of anti-rock.

How is your book coming?

My book is coming out on Harper-Collins at Christmas. It’s 250 pages now, and we have to turn in 300 pages. But 250 pages are perfect. It needs a big edit. But it’ll be out at Christmas.

You’ve always been into social media, and you seem especially obsessed with Pinterest lately. Why is that?

How can you get in any trouble on Pinterest? It’s not just safe, I can organize my thoughts, and they’re often visual. I have a website that I have stored there, I have stuff I’m gonna buy that I’ve stored there, ideas for my fashion line, just things I think are cool, graphics, packaging, everything. I love Pinterest. But sometimes it’s addictive—it’s 5 AM, I’m not asleep, what the f— am I doing on Pinterest? I get obsessed. I hope you’re getting a lot out of it, because I’m certainly putting a lot into it.

Next year, the Hole album Live Through This will turn 20. Any anniversary plans?

No. My daughter had to tell me there’s an In Utero anniversary [edition] coming out. I don’t pay attention to that s—. That’s like record company marketing stuff, you know what I mean? I’m interested in the future, I really am. I respect the past, but not to the point that I want to sit and dwell on it.

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