Can’t quite remember the intricacies of Breaking Bad‘s first few seasons — or haven’t seen a single episode in the first place? (If so: What is wrong with you?! The second half of season 5 premieres on AMC in five days; that gives you plenty of time to watch the whole series, provided you don’t plan to go to work or sleep.)

Ahem. Anyway! If you’d like to brush up on your BrBa before Sunday’s midseason premiere, you can’t do much better than this video by the Fine Bros. — a whirlwind summary of the entire series’ plot thus far, complete with yellow hazmat suits, magnet gifs, flippant asides about dull subplots (“Who cares about Ted? GET BACK TO THE DRUG WARS!”), and an ever-increasing body count (RIP Emilio, and Krazy 8, and No-Doze, and Tuco, and Tortuga, and Combo…).

Bonus: Watch all the way through for a tighty-whitey cameo!

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