By Lindzi Scharf
Updated August 06, 2013 at 08:52 PM EDT
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Armani is ready for its close-up.

The Italian label has been collaborating with Hollywood costume designers since 1980, when it helped outfit Richard Gere for American Gigolo — a move that landed the film a spot on our list of the Top 20 Most Stylish Films of All-Time. Since then, the fashion brand has dressed Kevin Costner and Sean Connery in The Untouchables,created bespoke suits for Christian Bale’s Batman in both The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight, and helped make Scandal‘s Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) one of the most stylish women on the small screen.

Now Armani is making cameo appearances in two of the most hotly anticipated movies of the summer.

While Matt Damon spends most of his screen time wearing an exoskeleton in the post-apocalyptic thriller Elysium (out August 9th), Jodie Foster cuts a much more stylish figure as the ruthless Secretary Delacourt, thanks to a wardrobe of sleek Giorgio Armani suits and dresses created in collaboration costume designer April Ferry.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Throughout the film, Foster wears a total of six Armani looks, including a shawl collar pant suit, a chocolate-brown leather dress, and a classic sleeveless shift dress.

“We are grateful to Giorgio Armani for delivering a unique, stylish look for Secretary Delacourt,” Ferry said. “His clean, tailored design is a perfect match for the pristine, hermetic world of Elysium – and his long collaboration with Jodie Foster made it an easy decision. The result was a wardrobe that was just right for the character, the actress, and the film.”

Foster is a big fan of the label in real life — she wears the label almost exclusively on the red carpet — and it seems the feeling is mutual. “Working with visionaries like [writer/director] Neill Blomkamp and April Ferry on such an intriguing project is a privilege. But my real personal pleasure with Elysium was to be given the honor of outfitting my longtime friend, Jodie Foster,” Armani said via a press release from the brand. “She remains one of my favorite actresses. I admire her work, her talent, her life. In the film, I’m captivated by how she personifies the world of 2154 while also making my designs utterly timeless.”

Later this month, Armani Casa, the label’s home furnishings offshoot, will make its big screen debut in director Robert Luketic’s spy thriller Paranoia (out August 16th) starring Liam Hemsworth, Amber Heard, and Harrison Ford. This marks the first time Armani has helped to dress a movie set. Production designer David Brisbin used furniture and accessories from the line to create Adam Cassidy’s (Hemsworth) sleek apartment.

“When we talked of Adam’s apartment needing to exude both power and grace, Mr. Armani got it and knew immediately what to show us from his impressive collections of furnishings,” said Brisbin. Armani also contributed a few wardrobe items for Harrison Ford’s character, Jock Goddard.

In a time when movie audiences are used to seeing brand names splashed across the big screen, Armani’s subtle product placement is a stylish move.


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