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BREAKING NEWS: A man woke up late on August 6.

Okay, so the man in question was Al Roker — and oversleeping for the first time in 39 years meant that he wasn’t there to film Wake Up With Al, his early-early morning show. (Today, which airs an hour after Wake Up begins, is just early.) At 5:41 a.m. ET, he realized his mistake and quickly took to Twitter:

Because waking up on time is sort of Roker’s whole job, he couldn’t let the whole incident go with just one tweet. Which is why he followed with this Vine video on the set of Today:

And this retweet of his own quote:

And this video of Hulk Hogan.

Wait — one of these things is not like the others.

Anyway, the rest of Twitter responded in kind, floating everything from conspiracy theories…

… to advertisements disguised as support. (Well done, Mickey D’s social media team.)

Maybe there’s some sort of alarm clock demon affecting the Today show crew — evidently, Willie Geist also overslept on Monday. While we wait to see whether Matt Lauer or Savannah Guthrie is next, go ahead and share your own #oversleeping story with Today on Twitter — you might just end up getting featured on their site.

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