By Anthony Breznican
Updated August 05, 2013 at 05:00 PM EDT
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Whenever characters in comedic movies or TV shows end up looking at porn they always do that “head-tilt” trope, which suggests whatever they’re seeing (and the audience isn’t) is so twisted they’re having a hard time telling up from down.

The new poster for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Don Jon very subtly tricks the viewer into doing the same, at least if you want to get a good look at the seductive looks Julianne Moore and Scarlett Johansson are giving off.

Coincidence? Probably. But it’s also appropriate given this film’s twisted take on love and sex.

Gordon-Levitt (who also wrote and directed) stars as a tough and charming New Jersey lothario who can have pretty much any woman he wants … but can’t find anyone who lives up to the triple-X videos he obsesses over online.

His girlfriend, Barbara (Johansson, as an equally snappy Jersey shore-ette), has a similar hang-up, except the screen icons she fantasizes about are the tame, saccharine-sweet ones in Hollywood romcoms.

The film — a mix of comedy, drama, romance, and social satire — aims to explore how we lose each other by objectifying people. Moore’s character enters the picture as an older woman at Jon’s night school who teaches him about being grateful for what’s in front of him — and what it means to truly lose something that can’t be found again.

That description probably deserves its own head-tilt, but in this case I’m just trying to avoid spoilers.

Don Jon will be in theaters on Sept. 27.

Don Jon

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  • 90 minutes
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt