Breaking Bad

Yeah! Science!

With just six days left to go before the final season premiere of Breaking Bad, the Internet is just a little bit excited about the final showdown between Hank and Walt. If you’ve already completed your re-watch, the Internet has gifted you, via The Daily Dot, Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical which tells the story of how a mild-mannered chemistry teacher with cancer becomes a scary drug dealer — only this time with songs. Fun for the whole family!

It’s all the references you love (“I am the one who knocks” “Los Pollos Hermanos” “[Ding!]”) sung by children who are hopefully far too young to understand the context. A special shout-out is necessary for a suddenly-missing-half-his-face Gus and bell-ringing Tio briefly rolling across the stage. It’s all about the details.

Yo! Watch below:

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