By Annie Barrett
Updated August 05, 2013 at 04:09 AM EDT
Big Brother HoH
Credit: CBS

Your regular Sunday-night blogger John Cochran was unable to watch Big Brother this weekend after losing his CBS privileges as a Time Warner Cable subscriber. We hope TWC and Bright House Networks can settle their contract dispute so that the Survivor winner/Big Brother fanatic/actual writer for an upcoming CBS sitcom can resume happily watching CBS next week.

In the meantime, discuss tonight’s Big Brother — in which GinaMarie (“a big question mark” according to Helen) edged out McCrae to win a much-needed dye job along with the Head of Household competition — below.

Up for elimination: Candice and Jessie.

Engaged in an “epic fight” that seemed endless despite being heavily edited: Amanda and Jessie.

Hiding a log inside her hair: Aaryn

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