Harper Smith
August 05, 2013 at 01:00 PM EDT

Amos Lee‘s fifth album Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song doesn’t come out until Oct. 8, and the lead single won’t be available on iTunes until tomorrow — but you can stream it here first exclusively.

“The Man Who Wants You” will also be showing up this evening, when Amos performs it live on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Click here for a sneak peak:

You can preorder Lee’s new album Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song on iTunes here, as well as on Amazon here. Take a look at the full tracklist below:

1.      Johnson Blvd                                     
2.      Stranger                                                        
3.      Tricksters, Hucksters, and Scamps                                                          
4.      Chill In The Air                                              
5.      Dresser Drawer                                             
6.      Indonesia                                                      
7.      High Water                                                    
8.      The Man Who Wants You                           
9.      Loretta                                                           
10.  Plain View                                                    
11.  Mountains of Sorrow                                   
12.  Burden           

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