Falling Skies wrapped up its third season on TNT tonight, and on hand to talk about the finale on post-airing talk show 2nd Watch are stars Noah Wyle, Drew Roy, Jessy Schram, and Maxim Knight.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on if you don’t want to find out what happened in tonight’s season 3 finale of Falling Skies.

Falling Skies delivered a finale that answered the question, “Should we trust the Volm?” The answer: Sort of. The weapon that the Volm purported would take down the Espheni structure in Boston and the dangerous grid covering the Earth did indeed do what they promised it would. But their next move was a betrayal of trust: Declaring they will send the citizens of Charleston off to Brazil, forcing them to leave the rest of the battle for Earth to the Volm. But when Tom insists, “Our planet, our fight,” Cochise and his recently landed commander father have a change of heart.

On 2nd Watch, Wil Wheaton leads a discussion with Falling Skies cast members about this latest development with the Volm and the finale’s other big moments: the death of Karen, the discovery that Anne and Lexi are alive, and the creepy reveal that Lexi’s alien DNA has given her a few more unearthly powers.

Check out 2nd Watch below for Schram’s thoughts about leaving the show, what being on the road again will be like for the 2nd Mass, and the cast’s favorite memories from shooting season 3.

For more on the Falling Skies season 3 finale, read EW’s Q&A with showrunner Remi Aubuchon.

TNT’s Falling Skies will return next summer for a 10-episode fourth season.

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