On Aug. 5, 2003, Fox premiered a little teen sudser called ''The O.C.'' and to celebrate the anniversary of the show that became a sensation, creator Josh Schwartz tells EW where Ryan, Seth, Summer, and all the rest would be today
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Jimmy Cooper, Tate Donovan
Years spent on his boat primed Marissa’s dad to be a Carnival Cruises captain, but ”his maiden voyage became known as the ‘Poop Cruise,”’ Schwartz jokes. Jimmy is, sadly, currently unemployed.

Summer Roberts, Rachel Bilson
The airhead-turned-activist can be found at Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada, leading an antifracking protest alongside Mark Ruffalo. She and Seth tied the knot in 2012, but there are no babies yet. ”Summer wants to hold off until the world zeroes out its carbon footprint,” Schwartz says. As for Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle? They’re ”happily, still together.”

Julie Cooper, Melinda Clarke
Schwartz imagines Julie got a degree in adult marketing and works at porn purveyor Vivid Entertainment, dealing with all celebrity-related business. The company nabbed her in light of how she handled her own ”home movie” crisis (back in season 2).

Marissa Cooper, Mischa Barton
Still dead. Ryan ”visits the cemetery every year in May,” says Schwartz. At least her sister Kaitlin (Willa Holland) is doing well — ”Mini Coop” lives in Cambridge, Mass., where she’s getting a degree from MIT.

Ryan Atwood, Ben McKenzie
Ryan loves his gated community now, but the Newport Group owner focuses on poor neighborhoods, bringing a P.F. Chang’s to Chino. And romance is in the air for Ryan and the bisexual Alex Kelly (Olivia Wilde).

Sandy Cohen, Peter Gallagher
UC Berkeley’s law students get to see Sandy’s eyebrows every day, Schwartz reveals, as he’s the school’s most popular law professor — and the beloved host of its yearly Passover seders.

Seth Cohen, Adam Brody
The CW rejected a script for a version of his comic Atomic County, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt snapped it up and ”will play the Seth Cohen role” of the Ironist, Schwartz says. Also on board: Channing Tatum as Kid Chino (Ryan), Jennifer Lawrence as Cosmo Girl (Marissa), and Lucy Hale as Little Miss Vixen (Summer).

Kirsten Cohen, Kelly Rowan
Workaholic Kirsten is a stay-at-home mom to Sophie Rose, born in the series finale. Plus: ”Kirsten penned a memoir about working moms leaving the workplace, called Step Out,” Schwartz says, ”her version of Lean In.”

Luke Ward, Chris Carmack
Marissa’s beefy ex is following in his father’s footsteps: Schwartz calls him ”the first crossover gay country-music star.” (Wink, wink. Get it?) He’s been opening for Darius Rucker in Nashville…and no doubt launching each show by yelling, ”Welcome to the Music City, bitch!”

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