The ever quotable rock provocateur, 49, talks to EW about her new tour, her upcoming memoir, and why she doesn't care about anniversaries

You’re on the road right now [Love has U.S. dates through Aug. 26] and playing a lot of the old Hole hits. Will you have new music soon, too?

I was supposed to have a single out right now. I’m pretty experienced now, so when people promise me unicorns, I really want to buy them, but I’m also quick to say, ”Okay, f— off if there’s no unicorn coming.” But we have eight songs recorded so far, and I also did a Fall Out Boy video [for ”Rat a Tat,” from FOB’s recent album]. That thing was expensive, too. When I got on set I was like, ”This is like 1997! It’s a $200,000 video!” But yeah, it’s been a fun tour. We have a guy named Ginger who is a brilliant guitar player. He’s like a [Billy] Corgan kind of guy, in the sense that he’s very gifted and very, very loud….I’m also trying out for a film and an HBO show, and I have a meeting for a Showtime show…. We’ll see. I mean, I’m not Liev Schreiber, and I’m not going to play Macbeth at the Public [Theater], you know?

Next year, the Hole album Live Through This will turn 20. Any anniversary plans?

No. My daughter had to tell me there’s a [Nirvana] In Utero anniversary [edition] coming out. I don’t pay attention to that s—. That’s like record-company marketing stuff. I’m interested in the future. I respect the past, but not to the point that I want to sit and dwell on it.

Speaking of the past, what can you tell us about your upcoming memoir?

It’s 250 pages, and we have to turn in [50 more]. It needs a big edit, but it’ll be out at Christmas.

You’ve also got a pretty spectacular Pinterest page.

How can you get in any trouble on Pinterest? It’s not just safe; I can organize my thoughts, and they’re often visual. But sometimes it’s addictive — it’s 5 a.m., what the f— am I doing on Pinterest? I get obsessed. I hope you’re getting a lot out of it, because I’m certainly putting a lot into it.