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Could Aubrey Plaza’s signature deadpan humor translate into a classic superhero? The Parks and Recreation star, featured in this week’s New Hollywood issue, thinks it’s hardly a stretch.

“I really got a taste of doing some physical comedy in The To Do List and I really want to do that more. I want to be a superhero, that’s definitely on my to-do list,” Plaza told EW at last month’s Comic-Con. But just which superhero does she have her eye on? Plaza calls out Wonder Woman in the video below, but added that she also has her claws set on a different DC heroine. “I want to be Catwoman someday. Don’t laugh at me—I can do it. I want to remake Halle Berry’s Catwoman and star in it. Please let me. That movie is amazing.”

In the video below she asks Marvel to give her the once-over. Nevermind that she should be meowing up the DC Comics tree for those roles (we won’t tell!).

Plaza’s bucket list also includes co-starring with Nicolas Cage… and Ryan Gosling. “Ryan Gosling! I’m waiting for you and I know you’re waiting for me,” she declares in the video above. Plaza also told us about her dream of working with Cage. “I definitely want to do a movie with Nicolas Cage. I want Nicolas Cage and me on a f–king poster. I don’t care what the movie is. I want to be in a movie with him. It doesn’t matter. Any movie he’s in, I see in the movie theaters, usually opening night. I think he’s amazing. I don’t think he can do anything wrong.”

Put these dreams plus her goal of starring on Broadway together and what do you get from the ambitious young actress? ” I want to do a play. I don’t care about awards, but I do want to do a play. A well-respected play. I want to do a staged Broadway version of Catwoman that’s directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman where Nicolas Cage plays Batman. Please let’s do it now.” Call the producers!

Additional reporting by Josh Rottenberg

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