August 01, 2013 at 02:17 PM EDT

Revelation #1: Netflix knows you’ve been sharing your username.

Revelation #2: They’re not even mad!

Revelation #3: They also understand how irritated you get when your account keeps recommending Cerebral Seattle-Set Emmy-Winning Comedies with Largely Pun-Based Scripts because your dumb boyfriend won’t stop watching Frasier on your iPad — ahem — and they’ve finally come up with a solution.

Starting today, some Netflix users will be able to create up to five different profiles per account. (The feature hasn’t rolled out across the board yet, but Netflix expects it to be universally available within two weeks.) Each profile will be treated like its very own account, meaning that its recommendations can be tailored more closely to the profile creator’s actual tastes.

“The truth of it is that over the years we’ve really personalized for households rather than individuals within those households,” Netflix’s vice president of product innovation Todd Yellin tells The Huffington Post. “Profiles is the next logical step in making personalization even better.”

In short: Never again will someone else’s love for Kelsey Grammer get in the way of you discovering more shows like Orange Is the New Black. Or, you know, something slightly more generalized than that. Watch the handy video below for more info on how profiles work — and happy taste-making!

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