Modern Seinfeld

“Jerry discovers hot young comedian making fun of him on Twitter, gets him a job writing for a new sitcom.”

It sounds like a fake logline straight out of Jack Moore and Josh Gondelman’s popular Modern Seinfeld Twitter feed — but make just a few tweaks, and you’ll get a true story.

Moore confirmed to EW today that he’s been hired for the writing staff of Fox’s upcoming Alexis Bledel/Jason Ritter sitcom Us & Them, an American spin on the U.K.’s romantic comedy Gavin & Stacey. Given the content of Modern Seinfeld, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise: “I was basically pitching storylines, which is a huge part of being on a writing staff,” he told The Hollywood Reporter, which first noted the news.

Moore isn’t the first young writer to secure a sitcom job via Twitter.

Twenty-something Megan Amram joined the staffs of Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm, and, later, NBC’s Parks and Recreation after her popular feed got her noticed. Justin Halpern of Sh– My Dad Says actually secured a CBS sitcom based on his Twitter feed in 2010.

Then again, Halpern’s show lasted just 18 episodes — so maybe Moore should be thankful that he got snatched up by Hollywood, rather than his feed itself.

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