By Katie Atkinson
Updated July 31, 2013 at 11:02 PM EDT
Credit: Jennifer Clasen/Fox

A parade of dudes marched through the first 24 episodes of The Mindy Project, and even though our girl was taken (engaged?) when we last saw her doesn’t mean season 2 is going to be any different.

The stars and writers behind the Fox comedy — including this week’s EW cover girl, Mindy Kaling — talked to reporters during a Television Critics Association set visit Wednesday, letting us know more about the many famous faces making a visit to Shulman & Associates. For one, there’s James Franco, playing a new doctor who starts working at Mindy’s practice while she’s in Haiti with Pastor Casey.

“I come back to my nemesis, played by James Franco,” Kaling teased of their adversarial relationship, with writer Ike Barinholtz (who also plays nurse Morgan) chiming in: “It’s kind of like James Franco is the anti-Mindy. He’s everything you’re not. He’s a man. He’s white … ”

“This will take too long to go through all our differences,” Kaling quipped.

Another new man is played by Adam Pally of the dearly departed Happy Endings. So who will he be playing?

“I went to Dartmouth College, and until now, I’ve not been able to satirize my favorite kind of Dartmouth character, which is a kind of well-educated frat guy, who’s both congenial and ultra into his frat,” Kaling explained. “And Pally … has a very fun bro energy that also exudes warmth in a way that’s kind of rare.”

“He’s able to play low-status while playing high-status,” Barinholtz said. “He can do something really demeaning and be proud about it. He can be like, ‘What a great day. I’m going to go home and knock out a French-bread pizza.’ It’s hard to do.”

But even with both those talented actors in the mix, it was Kim Kardashian’s basketball-player ex-husband who stole headlines. “What I thought was kind of fun — and which got way more press than virtually anyone else — was when Kris Humphries was playing himself in one or two scenes, and he’s playing himself in a funny situation.” Barinholtz added: “More press for that than anything ever, in the history of media.”

There are some returning guests as well, including Mindy’s down-on-his-luck dentist ex, played by Bill Hader (to take the character down any further, Barinholtz said, “We’re just going to have to light him on fire”); Danny’s on-again, off-again wife (Chloë Sevigny); and, of course, Pastor Casey himself (Anders Holm), who (major spoilers ahead!) might only be around for the early episodes.

“Mindy gets to be single again,” Kaling spilled, with Barinholtz adding, “Sorry, Anders.” The Workaholics star took it in stride, teasing that the door may still be open for the adorable couple: “I don’t die, though!” Reporters who visited Mindy’s apartment on set were greeted by a “Happy Wedding Day” banner, balloons, a table full of presents, and a cake (shaped like a rocket?) with “Congratulations, Mindy & Casey” written on top. But as we heard from Mindy herself, our girl is back on the market, so we’ll have to wait and see how the situation plays out.

The Mindy Project returns to Fox at 9:30 p.m. on Sept. 17.

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