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Let’s just call this one Season Nine, Time for a Spin-off!

But as buzz continued to build about Supernatural’s upcoming spin-off executive producers Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer yesterday shared with EW some new info about the spin-off, which is currently scheduled to be introduced to viewers in episode 20 of the upcoming new season.

In the Chicago-set episode, Carver said we’ll be introduced to a show that would, if picked up by the network, “explore the clashing monster and human characters” living in the city. In fact, he said, “we’ll have main characters who are both human and monsters.” That will include, added Singer, “families of monsters and families of hunters.” “It’s much more of an ensemble than Supernatural,” Singer said.

Starting with a fresh slate of characters, Singer explained, felt like a non-traditional approach to a spin-off that also left room for Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) to introduce viewers into the world. “Most spin-offs, you spin characters out and create a show about them. Jared and Jensen will be in the spin-off, but it’s an entirely different cast of characters,” Singer said. “And unlike Supernatural — which is a road show — this will take place in one place with a wider cast of characters.”

And while news of the in-the-works Supernatural spin-off may have caught some fans of the long-running series by surprise, Carver said he had a feeling it would eventually become a topic of discussion. “I think any time a show goes this long — unless you’re Chicago Fire [which got a spin-off after one season] — then you’re always in the back of your mind going to be thinking the what-if scenario,” he said.

“It’s going to be quite a departure — the same world but from a whole new perspective,” Carver added.

Meanwhile, CW president Mark Pedowitz said on Tuesday morning that the spin-off is in no way an indication of an upcoming end-date for the mother series. “As long as they keep telling great stories and Jared and Jensen still want to do it, why wouldn’t you continue?” he said.

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