By Kyle Anderson
July 30, 2013 at 04:04 PM EDT

When Justin Timberlake and Jay Z played their big-ass show at Yankee Stadium two weekends ago, JT was pulling double duty: Not only was he entertaining the massive crowd as one half of the Legends of the Summer Tour, he was also providing fodder for the video for his totally-not-about-sexual-assault new single “Take Back the Night.”

The clip takes a healthy amount of footage from the Yankee Stadium shows, and really drives home just how gigantic the set-up is on this current run (the stage literally does take up the entirety of the Yankees’ outfield).

In between the performance footage, there’s a narrative about Timberlake heading down to Chinatown to dance with some kids, hit up an underground club, and generally start a party wherever he happens to be. Check it out below:

“Take Back the Night” comes from Timberlake’s clunkily named new album The 20/20 Experience — 2 of 2, which will be out on September 30. He’s on the road with Jigga through August 16, then will compete for a bunch of VMAs and play a pair of festival dates in September (including the iHeartRadio shindig in Las Vegas) before gearing up for his solo arena tour that starts in Montreal on Halloween.

What do you think of the “Take Back the Night” video? Dance yourself clean in the comments.