By Ray Rahman
Updated July 30, 2013 at 02:00 PM EDT

It’s been nine years since Austin post-rockers Explosions in the Sky did the soundtrack for Friday Night Lights, but now they’re at it again for another Lone Star State movie.

The band, who are hitting the road this fall with Nine Inch Nails, teamed up with fellow Austinite David Wingo to score Prince Avalanche, a movie written and directed by fellow Texan David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, George Washington).

The movie, starring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch, comes out August 9, while the soundtrack hits streets August 6 — but you can hear it now exclusively here.

Take a listen to the full soundtrack below, and read on for our chat with Explosions member Munaf Rayani:

For those keeping score at home, Explosions, Wingo, and Green all live in Austin. “He’s becoming kind of an old friend of ours,” Rayani said of Green. “We became familiar and met like 10 years ago. Over the last few years, it seems like a good amount of the film world was starting to move to town. And then all of a sudden we were all living down the street from each other.”

“And because we all live down the street from each other, we ended up recording the soundtrack in the living room of my home,” he continued. “We had mics set up everywhere, and it’s a nice old Austin home with hardwood floors, so it has a nice reverb quality as-is. Every now and then, though, we’d hear a knock on the door, and it’d be David. But sometimes he wouldn’t know if we were recording or just practicing. So on a couple of occasions, the door did open while we were recording, so those are fun outtakes — this melody playing and all of a sudden someone’s walking in going, ‘Hey! Oh, sorry!’ Maybe they’ll show up on some sort of b-side down the way.”

As for hitting the road with Nine Inch Nails this fall, the band’s pretty psyched to say the least. Says Rayani, “It’s going to be pretty surreal and crazy and spectacular and every other hyperbolic descriptive word one can come up with.”