By Katie Atkinson
Updated July 28, 2013 at 08:37 PM EDT
Kristen Bell
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The Veronica Mars movie has kept Kristen Bell pretty busy lately, between shooting the film and promoting it at Comic-Con last week. But she’s juggling yet another responsibility at the moment: Raising money for Invisible Children by raffling off a (platonic) date.

With only three days left in her fundraising effort, she brought some more attention to her worthy cause by playing a game of “Would You Rather” on Reddit, and fans got to take a look into the witty actress’ brain. She talked a lot about her signature character of Veronica Mars, and she might have some explaining to do to husband Dax Shepard when it comes to one answer.

See our favorite replies below:

Scenario No. 1: Would you rather have your hands switched to dustpans or be sweating jam instead of sweat?

Jam. I’d be close to peanut butter all the time and share myself with the world.

Scenario No. 2: Would you rather the Veronica Mars movie be made with all new characters (except Veronica) or made with the old characters we love, but be a musical?


Scenario No. 3: Would you rather own one huge cuddly sloth or three tiny sloths?

One cuddly, I think. I like a good strong squeeze.

Scenario No. 4: Would you rather guest star on Parenthood or Game of Thrones?

GOT. Sorry, Dax.

Scenario No. 5: Would you rather eat 20 marshmallows at once or 20 chocolate bars?

Chocolate bars. But if both is an option, I’d take it.

Bonus question: Did you struggle with becoming RonMars again or was it like riding a bike?

Like riding a bike :) (A really old bike)

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