By Katie Atkinson
Updated July 28, 2013 at 07:33 PM EDT

Celebrity bus tours are lucky to get a glimpse of a famous front yard or two, but an Irish family on vacation last week got an epic surprise when Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul decided to pay their bus a visit.

We’re assuming most celebs hate these tours, what with groups of star-crazy out-of-towners pulling up to your home at all hours of the day with a guide screaming over a loudspeaker in your otherwise quiet neighborhood. But Paul’s reaction when he sees the bus? He runs down the stairs, greets everyone with some friendly small talk, and then GETS ON THE BUS to take pictures with the overjoyed tourists.

Watch the magic below:

Paul even retweeted a fan who posted this video:

Maybe this is all a big ploy to get viewers to tune in to the final half of Breaking Bad season 5, kicking off Aug. 11 on AMC, but even if it is (which it totally isn’t), we don’t care. He’s still the best ever.

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