Your opinions about our ''Pacific Rim'' review, our SiriusXM radio channel, and more

By EW Staff
Updated July 26, 2013 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Con Is On
In your story on The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s updated Spidey suit, costume designer Deborah L. Scott says she’s not sure why Spider-Man needs a belt. As a fan of the comics, I can answer that. Every once in a while Marvel would print a one-pager and showcase his utility belt. It had replacement capsules for his web shooters and a flashlight on the buckle to warn villains he was there. He also attached his camera to the belt to take action shots to sell to the Daily Bugle.
Marc Bourgeois

Your Comic-Con 2013 preview ably demonstrates why I stopped attending Comic-Con: 22 pages of movies and TV shows, two pages of comics. As someone who still reads and enjoys comics, I’ll stick to the smaller conventions, thanks.
David Hurwitz
San Diego

Thanks for your bonus cover of Orphan Black, featuring the beautiful and brilliant Tatiana Maslany. TV needed another mind-turning sci-fi drama after Fringe left the air.
Colin Dell
Battle Ground, Ind.

Angel in the Outfield
How could you leave The Natural off the list of five great baseball movies (DVD & Streaming)? It’s not only the greatest baseball movie but one of the best sports movies of all time. It’s got tragedy, redemption, love, and a soaring score that perfectly fits Robert Redford’s turn as Roy Hobbs, the best there ever was in the game.
Jamie Weiss
Morrisville, N.C.

Epic Fail
I always turn to EW for an astute film critique. And Chris Nashawaty’s dissection of the mediocrity ingrained in Pacific Rim was spot-on (Movies)! The film was all clichés, generic characters, and ineptly choreographed action. Guillermo del Toro needs to get back to his gothic roots.
Brant Elliott
Santa Barbara

Style Over Substance
I am a huge Johnny Depp fan. But I appreciated the News and Notes essay regarding the direction Johnny has taken with his career. His obsession with hiding behind costumes and makeup is no longer clever, it’s downright silly. If he wants to be a clown, he should join the circus.
Darlene Havener
Arlington, Va.

Don’t Touch That Dial
I’m loving your new SiriusXM radio channel. It’s getting me up to speed on the current music scene, and my to-read pile is also growing thanks to your book discussions on the station. Plus, I’ve been enjoying your on-air guests, whether front-of-the-camera talent like Hugh Jackman, Will Smith, and Seth Rogen or producers like Neal Baer and Marc Cherry. Great stuff.
David Spiller
Colonia, N.J.

What Readers Want From Arrow
In our Comic-Con preview, EP Marc Guggenheim teased new baddies and new toys for Oliver in season 2. Here’s what’s on your wish lists.

Can Oliver get a mask? His identity was blown in the past because anyone near Arrow could see it was Oliver with a green smear over his eyes. —Tenchigtx

Every scene with Oliver and Laurel feels forced. The show would be so much better if it didn’t shove their contrived romance down our throats. —Ash

I’ve got my fingers crossed that we’re going to see Felicity, Oliver, and Diggle working in the field as a crime-fighting team in season 2. —Atropos22

I hope they add the character Connor Hawke. Though he’s Ollie’s son in the comics, perhaps he could be Ollie’s half brother in the Arrowverse. —alistaircrane