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By Lynette Rice
July 26, 2013 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Rob Kazinsky has a secret talent: He’s a notorious cyberkiller.

Long before he joined True Blood this season as the enigmatic Warlow — a faerie-vampire hybrid who wants to marry Sookie (Anna Paquin) — the U.K.-born actor was an expert gamer who spent years intensely playing World of Warcraft. Mentally exhausted after portraying volatile Sean Slater on the BBC One soap EastEnders for three years, Kazinsky embraced the life of a shut-in, gluing himself to the computer up to 16 hours a day, to avoid the show’s batty fan base that couldn’t separate fact from fiction. ”The game kind of saved my life,” explained Kazinsky, who once ranked in the top 10 of WOW players. ”I was too young to be launched into the spotlight like I was. I played a bad guy, so everybody assumed in real life that you are a tough guy so they want to fight you. I’d walk down the street and people would try to punch me, or I would go for dinner with my parents and [fans would] throw things. It was hard enough that I didn’t leave the house. So I played this game when I finished that job. It was the first place I’d been in two to three years where I was anonymous.”

Kazinsky has no problem showing his face now. With his torrid turn on the HBO drama (how about Jason Stackhouse’s erotic dream featuring Warlow in episode 4?) plus a costarring role as pilot Chuck Hansen in this summer’s actioner Pacific Rim, the 29-year-old Brit is enjoying the best run of his career, culminating with a first-ever trip to Comic-Con. Sitting at a quiet bar about a mile from the convention hall in San Diego, Kazinsky had a hard time containing his excitement. ”I’ve been waiting for about 29 years of life,” said the actor, beaming. ”It’s my mecca, where I’ve always wanted to go.”

Like most conventiongoers, Kazinsky made the most of his time at the Con, stocking up on Trekkie garb and comic books, and geeking out over meeting Chuck‘s Zachary Levi. He fantasizes about someday playing a superhero, having studied martial arts and swordplay at England’s Guildford School of Acting. ”I was such a bad actor I never thought I’d work as one,” he admitted. ”So I trained religiously as a stuntman. On Pacific Rim, I did my own fights, my own stunts, and that’s my favorite part of the job, I adore it. But on True Blood, they don’t even let you cross the road by yourself. Insurance.”

That’s okay, there are other ways one can wield power in Bon Temps. For one thing, Warlow is nearly twice as old as Russell Edgington, six times as old as Eric Northman, and 40 times as old as Bill Compton, so that makes for a very intimidating presence. But the person most in danger of incurring his wrath is Sookie, especially if she rejects his marriage proposal. Kazinsky was keeping the spoilers to himself, but offered up this warning with a devilish smile: ”When you are the most powerful guy on the show, things can get scary for everybody else.”

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