By Darren Franich
Updated July 25, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT
Big Brother
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[UPDATE: My full recap is live. It has been spellchecked.] King Judd the First will not be remembered as a particularly powerful monarch. Judd is a nice guy, but as an HoH, he was a bit of a milquetoast: Attempting to satisfy various constituencies, he came to despise his HoH responsibilites. (Great Heads of Household control the house; bad Heads of Household let the house control them.) Fortunately, this was a busy week for alliance-making and -breaking, with the remnants of the Moving Company and the Aaryn Brigade circling around the Helen-Elissa Mom Squad and the ascendant McCrae/Amanda showmance.

In the end, Popular Girl cliquesters Kaitlin, Aaryn, and GinaMarie were on the block together. And on tonight’s eviction episode [SPOILER ALERT] Kaitlin went home.

It was an unexpected turn of events. Kaitlin had played a relatively quiet game, and seemed like the lesser of three evils next grieving madwoman GinaMarie and nexus-of-all-terror Aaryn. But Aaryn made a significant case for herself, based on two tiers of argument: Kaitlin was a serious competitor; and No one will ever actually let her Aarn this game. That meant Aaryn was safe for another week..and Kaitlin went home, with a vote of nine-to-zero. No one seemed particularly happy with sending Kaitlin out of the house; multiple houseguests used the word “sadly” in describing their vote.

Also, Aaryn won HoH. CHAOS REIGNS.

My full recap is currently live. In the meantime, start talking!

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