Fans finally have a little something to sink their teeth into, a new motion poster to promote next year’s Vampire Academy movie. But the poster takes an untraditional twist on typical movie promotional art by using a cryptic animation element.

“The poster’s brilliant. That bold, striking art will grab newcomers’ attention, but is also laced with secrets and symbols that those who know the story will immediately recognize. I love that it’s so clean and simple at first glance but still gives a nod to all the complexities built into the book,” author Richelle Mead told EW in an exclusive statement.

The six-book series tells the story of half human-half vampire Rose Hathaway, who trains at the St. Vladimir’s Academy boarding school to become a guardian protector of her best friend, Moroi Princess Vasilisa Dragomir. The vampire royal possesses a special trait that the Strigoi, the evil undead vampires, hunt after in the hopes of turning the princess into one of their own kind. Rose and Lissa become tangled in a web of forbidden romances, a cruel Academy social scene, and a fight against the world’s most threatening bloodsuckers.

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters, which just wrapped up filming, will debut February 2014. Brothers Mark and Dan Waters directed and wrote the film. Dan penned Batman Returns (1992), and Mark is the director behind teen favorites such as Mean Girls and Freaky Friday. “There are these big, high-drama, and romance moments in the Vampire Academy series, for sure. But there’s also a dark, snarky tone as well to offset the melodrama. And those guys are masters at that,” Mead told EW.

Zoey Deutch (Beautiful Creatures, Ringer) stars as Rose, along side Lucy Fry as Lissa, Danila Kozlovskiy, and Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland.

Vampire Academy fans, can you decipher the meaning behind the motion poster? Take a look below and share your thoughts!

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