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In the new issue of Entertainment Weekly out Friday, Seth Meyers and Michael Shoemaker tell EW about The Awesomes, the 10-episode animated superhero series they created, debuting Aug. 1 on Hulu. But the duo, who met at Saturday Night Live in 2001, also chat about their next adventure: Late Night With Seth Meyers. Shoemaker guided Jimmy Fallon’s transition to late night and will be Meyers’ producer when he inherits the show in February 2014.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What kind of conversations are the two of you having at this point?

Seth Meyers: One of the main things we’re doing now, which will be the most essential part of the success of the show, is staffing. You’re trying to find people who you trust and like their comedic voices. That’s been a really fun part of this summer so far. I don’t think we’re gonna try to deconstruct the late night model. But I feel like every time one of these shows succeeds, it’s because it’s built around the strengths of the host. So we’re trying to recognize my strengths. [Laughs]

Michael Shoemaker: Seth being delighted with other people is my favorite thing to watch. Watching Seth set someone up for a joke and then have it appear is the most satisfying thing. He did Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld. Watching that, I realized every time I would pause, I was grinning, and it was just because he was having such a good time. That’s what I want to see.

Meyers: It was like the greatest four hours of my life. There was a reason I looked happy.

What’s the timeline? Seth will return to Saturday Night Live this fall and then leave at some point to focus on prepping the show?

Shoemaker: We haven’t worked it out with Lorne [Michaels, the SNL and Late Night exec producer] yet. But yeah, there’s no reason why he can’t be on there for a while.

Meyers: Nothing is worse in our lives than saying something before Lorne does. [Laughs] I want to point out, I understand it’s easier to get me on the phone.

When do you anticipate your life getting crazy?

Meyers: I think that you need to have offices before things can get crazy. Once you actually move into an office, you’re like, ohmygod, they gave us these offices to make a product. Right now, it’s the best. It’s a theoretical summer. So I think we’ll move into those offices in September.

Shoemaker: I think once the tug of war between SNL and this show starts, where I have to go and give Seth looks that are like, “You have to come downstairs and start working on this,” that’s when it’ll start getting tense in a great way.

You’re staying in 30 Rock, how great is that?

Meyers: We’re so happy. The greatest thing about being in 30 Rock is my photo on my ID is from 2001, and I’m really desperate to try to keep it until I’m, like, 65 years old.

Shoemaker: My picture actually has a goatee on it, and it was from five years after when goatees were popular.

How have you not lost your IDs?

Meyers: We lose them all the time, but they keep the photo on file.

Shoemaker: They won’t let you change it. I met one of the security guys, and he was like, “Hey, we were looking through some files, and we saw your ID picture, and we all laughed at it.” It gives them so much amusement, I can’t take it away.

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