“Trust Me” has a laid-back vibe that feels very Jack Johnson. Its gentle guitar brings Jason Mraz to mind. Sultry lyrics like “Oh love/You and me/Underneath the willow tree/Kissin’, lovin’/Makin’ sweet sexy babies” sound like they could be a PG-13 version of Robin Thicke.

But listen closer to the distinctive voices crooning each verse — not to mention the occasional tight harmony — and you’ll realize that this sweet, acoustic earworm actually comes from the last source you’d expect: the Backstreet Boys, all grown up and unplugged.

“Trust Me” is a new song off their upcoming album, In a World Like This. Get an exclusive preview below — for maximum effect, listen while swinging in a hammock and sipping something cold.

“This is our ‘fun’ song that we did in London,” Backstreet Man Howie Dorough tells EW. “It makes you feel like you could be at a pub or a sports game with your mates!” We think it might be better suited for a backyard barbecue or a breezy outdoor wedding reception — but who cares, as long as it’s playing somewhere?

In a World Like This drops July 30; preorders are available on iTunes and Amazon.

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