By James Hibberd
July 20, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT

The panel: NBC’s tease-filled panel for Revolution season two, including showrunner Eric Kripke and several members of the cast.

Footage screened: A highlight reel that includes the first footage from season two (see below).

The big revelations: Usually panelists are totally paranoid about revealing any spoilers, but showrunner Eric Kripke drew gasps at Comic-Con by revealing — spoiler alert in case you’re not sufficiently warned by now — that our heroes do not stop those nukes from falling on Philadelphia and Atlanta. “We’re trying to be the first network show in history that loses two American cities in the first 15 seconds [of a season],” Kripke said. “We’re back to a very intense set of basics, [a world] that’s even more dangerous than in season one.”

He also revealed the nation’s rebooted power would not stay on very long — barely at all, in fact. “Just enough to get the nukes in the air,” he said. Want more spoilers? Thanks to the sinister Patriots group, Gen. Monroe (David Lyons) and Miles (Billy Burke) will eventually team up. “The idea is to create a villain this year that’s so bad and so insidious that even our heroes and villains have to band together to face this threat.” The idea came from the writers just really wanting to see Miles and Monroe “kicking ass together.” The writer-producer notes that if the first season became a war show, the second will focus more on mystery and characters “rather than running and gunning.” Noted Kripke: “They’re up against a threat you can’t just swing a sword at.” Oh, and the Texas Rangers will make an appearance (the law enforcement agency, I’m assuming, not the baseball team). Overall Kripke assured next season will be better than the first.

Most incisive audience question: Here’s one thing that won’t change: A fan smartly asked if the show’s move to an early time-slot (8 p.m. on Wednesdays) means the show will be less graphic or violent. Kripke assured such levels would remain unchanged.

Here’s a trailer that includes the first footage from season two:

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