The first music festival designed for family entertainment is closing up shop. The producers behind Kindiefest announced today that the festival, which had grown into a full fledged industry and entertainment conference over its five years, expanding its programming to include two full days of panels at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) this past March, won’t be back next year.

“The producers each had increasing responsibilities in our professional and personal lives and felt with that it was time for a change. We will all be continuing active roles in the family music world and look forward to seeing everyone around the scene,” says Stephanie Mayers, festival co-founder and executive producer.

KindieFest, which grew out of industry showcases in 2007 and 2008, got started in 2009 under the name StinkFest. The biggest names in children’s entertainment, such as Dan Zanes, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Father Goose, have participated in the festival through the years. Read part of the announcement from Mayers, Bill Childs, Tor Hyams, and Mona Kayhan below: