By Emily Rome
July 20, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT
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The project: NBC’s Grimm

The panel: David Giuntoli (Nick), Russell Hornsby (Hank), Bitsie Tulloch (Juliette), Silas Weir Mitchell (Monroe), Reggie Lee (Sgt. Wu), Sasha Roiz (Renard), Bree Turner (Rosalee), Claire Coffee (Adalind), and executive producers Jim Kouf, David Greenwalt, Todd Milliner, and Norberto Barbara.

Footage screened: The first few minutes of season 3 screened for the Comic-Con audience — a scene cut together from footage shot just this past Tuesday. If fans hoped to see footage of Nick post-Baron Samedi attack, they left disappointed, but the clip did feature Monroe, Juliette, and Rosalee escaping from the zombified Portlanders in the container yard, picking up right where season 2 left off. Monroe’s in the driver’s seat — let’s just say he shows off some fast and furious skills here. After the panel discussion, the audience was also treated to a bloody extended trailer for new NBC series Dracula with a video introduction by star Jonathan Rhys Meyers, looking just as creepy in his intro as he does in the show.

Snap judgment: The low-key panel didn’t have the levity and hilarity of last year’s panel for the show. Moderator Lester Hoult (of Grimm‘s lead-in, Dateline) failed to create many opportunities for entertaining moments with the show’s comedic cast. (Giuntoli got to show off his deadpan and brash humor more at Thursday’s hilarious Brave New Warriors panel, but that panel was organized and presented by EW, so consider me biased.)

The big revelations: Of course comedic moments alone do not a successful panel make, so Grimm‘s Comic-Con presentation gets kudos for a few juicy reveals. Mitchell and Turner confirmed that there are wedding bells in Monroe and Rosalee’s future (!!!), but Mitchell hinted that the Blutbad-Fuchsbau couple may face some challenges before the happy day: “I look forward to the obstacles en route to what is hopefully a felicitous nuptial,” he said. After seeing ads for the show around San Diego with the tagline “The hunter becomes the hunted” and a few images of a red-eyed Nick looking rather like a Wesen himself, Greenwalt also teased what’s to come for the noble Portland detective: “He’s gonna be like you’ve never seen him before. He’s going to be a bit of a monster.” The show’s talent also promised more action and more fight scenes in the coming season. Oh, and for those #ShirtlessRage fans out there, Roiz said cheekily that there’s “a slight possibility” season 3 will display Captain Renard sans shirt again.

Most incisive audience question: One of the first questions from the fans got the producers to list a couple new Wesen we’ll see in season 3: gators in the sewer and some “sexy, scary mermaids” — though Kouf noted there will be no Snarknadoes. Bummer, I know. But it was a young fan who asked the question that people really wanted to know the answer to: “Hi, my name’s Alex, and I’m a huge fan, and I was wondering if we’ll see any unicorn Wesen,” she said in a small voice, provoking a big, collective “awww” from the crowd and the panel (Coffee seemed especially tickled.) The cast then started muttering about creating a Twitter hashtag campaign to get the mystical creature on the show, and Roiz quipped, “I already have, trust me.” So, Grimmsters, get thee to Twitter with calls for #UnicornsOnGrimm.

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