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Redneck Island

If you didn’t know, wrestling legend and Redneck Island host Stone Cold Steve Austin fielded an AMA today on Reddit. Wondering if, at the age of 48, he’s still capable of opening a can of whoop-you-know-what? Read our collection of some of his choicest quotes and judge for yourself.

Question: What’s the biggest fish you’ve ever caught?

Stone Cold Steve Austin: 32 foot great white shark with a cane pole.

Question: Are you and The Rock friends after those years of the rivalry? Do you guys ever talk?

Stone Cold Steve Austin: the rock and i will always be friends. text msg here or there.

Question: Will you get your own hunting show like Shawn Michaels?

Stone Cold Steve Austin: i am currently laying some ground work for a hunting show…stay tuned.

Question: Did you have to learn to drive that Zamboni at the Joe Louis Arena when you raised hell!

Stone Cold Steve Austin: learned to drive it in 5 minutes. i can drive anything on wheels..i can drive anything, actually.

Question: What’s your favorite thing to do in Los Angeles?

Stone Cold Steve Austin: drive around los angeles in my 1996 Chevy Suburban with Hershey, my chocolate lab drinking Pelligrino sparkling water. pretty exciting,huh?

Question: How many whole chickens do you eat in a month? A friend of mine in Vancouver who worked at Urban Fare said you would come in all the time and order 6 whole chickens every time. Your podcast is wonderful by the way.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: damn. i eat so much chicken, im surprised i haven’t grown feathers yet.

Question: Can you please insult me- as if I were a foe of yours? Thanks in advance.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: i cannot accommodate this request you sorry piece of trash…

Question: Hi Steve! Loved you growing up and now I love your podcast. My only question is… Can I get a Hell ya?

Stone Cold Steve Austin: OH HELL YEAH!!!!

And there’s so much more to read! Be sure to head to the actual Reddit AMA, and be prepared to spend the rest of your work day there.

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