By Jeff Labrecque
Updated July 19, 2013 at 07:59 PM EDT

Vile. Fat. Boring. A great brown-noser. A total bioootch. That’s how actress Rae Dawn Chong described Oprah Winfrey in a radio interview three weeks ago that was resurrected by TMZ this morning. Sadly, that wasn’t even the worst of it.

On June 27, Chong called in to Matty P’s Radio Happy Hour, and was prodded to rip into Winfrey, who co-starred with Chong in The Color Purple in 1985. Apparently, they haven’t remained close since then. Chong criticized Winfrey’s character, her personality, and even her looks, which she compared to those of a “field n—-r.” Even her attempts to compliment Winfrey were dripping with vitriolic disdain: “You gotta respect her, no matter how vile she is — ultimately because she’s all about Oprah and she’s boring. But aside from that, you gotta kinda go, ‘Hello, hats off, you’ve done an amazing thing. You have actually shifted the DNA of the universe.'”

In a video statement posted this morning, Chong tried to explain “the giant sh-t-storm I created this morning.”

“Out of context, it’s a most unfortunate choice of words and I regret it,” she said in the video. “In context, I was actually complimenting Oprah.”

Watch Chong’s clip below:

Winfrey did not immediately respond to EW’s request for comment.