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My friends know if it’s late July or early August, if I’m not watching Big Brother, I’m talking about Big Brother. In seasons past, I’ve discussed game play and my picks for which houseguest can’t, under any circumstances, possibly be a real, functioning adult. But in terms of “showmances,” the casual hook-ups/BFFdom/relationship-lite, I’ve never really cared one way or another. Sure, it was silly to see some of the girls cry to the cameras when their beaus were voted out of the house, but it never really made or broke the show for me.

But this season of Big Brother is different. Not only have the headlines been bigger – racist houseguests, anyone? – but at least one showmance has gotten seemingly 100% real. And I’m, embarrassingly enough, 100% in. McCrae and Amanda got their start, as so many great television loves do, with Amanda coming to McCrae’s bed as soon as he got just a little bit of power. So naturally the assumption was the relationship would fizzle out right around the time one of them needed to throw the other under the bus and out of the house. But somehow it didn’t end there; over the past couple of weeks they’ve become inseparable. In a montage of their relationship in last night’s episode, the program even showed the two of them semi-seriously discussing their future together post-Big Brother, with Amanda hoping McCrae would move to Florida to be with her and become her “trophy wife.” (Her words.)

The fact that, so far, they’re both extremely likable isn’t helping my obsession. Amanda is intense but seemingly pretty self-aware and funny; she always adds a little extra pizzazz to her Diary Room confessions. McCrae is goofy, self-deprecating, and is smart enough to refer to her as “my Queen.” That they are seemingly so mismatched — just ask their families! — only adds to the sweet appeal.

My cheering for them started innocently enough, I swear. At first they were just a fun part of the show that I watched when it was on and didn’t spend any extra time contemplating…but I’m slowly becoming obsessed. For the past week now, I’ve read recaps of the live feeds (I’m not at a point yet where I’m actually watching the live feeds myself. I’d like to say that’s because I know where to draw the line, but honestly it’s just the fact that it costs extra money), and I’ve started DVRing Big Brother After Dark and fast-forwarding to any “scene” with the two of them.

I’ve always loved a good fictional couple (and you’re on this site. Congratulations! You probably do too!) but while I had no problem expounding on why Seth and Summer or Luke and Lorelai are soulmates, I never fully crossed over to the “dark side” of the Bachelor/Bachelorette realm. It always felt a little weird to me to be watching/cheering/dissecting actual real-life people. It all also seemed so obviously fake, so I often thought, ‘Why bother?’ But, alas, here I am.

I’m sure McManda — or the producers — will break my heart by the time this thing is over. I got a nice preview of my feelings when I was informed earlier today Amanda may have a boyfriend waiting for her at home; I became irrationally upset (and by that I mean, I had thoughts about the matter at all.) I couldn’t believe my ears. Am I watching a lie, or just an obstacle to overcome? I’m not sure, but for now I’m embracing my inner romantic and leaving all my reality show skepticism at the door, holding out for the CBS-sponsored wedding. After all, if you can’t cheer for love between two people who have known each other for a grand total of 29 days, what can you cheer for?

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