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Whose Line Is It Anyway? — which introduced a generation to both improvisational comedy and Ryan Stiles’ blue shoes — has had an extraordinarily long life, as entertainment franchises go. It began as a British radio program (sorry, programme) in 1988, quickly morphed into a TV series that lasted 10 years, hopped the pond for an eight-season run on ABC and ABC Family, and then was revived again, six years after the last episode of the American version aired, on the CW.

No matter what later incarnations the franchise may take, it’d be tough for anything to reach the heights of these 10 classic clips — which, if anything, have only gotten better with age.

Colin’s Meta-Green Screen Moment

The game is simple: Colin plays a newscaster delivering a report in front of a green screen. The screen’s contents are a mystery to him… but not to his fellow improvisers, the studio audience, or viewers at home. And on this particular occasion, Whose Line‘s producers decided to have a little bit of extra fun at their longtime employee’s expense.

Robin Williams gets in the game

Sharing a stage with a manic comedy icon like Williams would be enough to rattle even the most seasoned improviser — but somehow, the Whose Line gang managed to keep themselves composed throughout an entire episode, which culminated with this game of Props. Keep your ears peeled for the moment when Williams inadvertently steals his own joke from Aladdin.

Stephen Colbert shows off his skills

Another Whose Line MVP guest: Stephen Colbert, who cut his teeth as an improviser in Chicago. Here, he rhymes about being in an avalanche with Wayne Brady… and holds it together even when faced with Colin Mochrie, the world’s worst rapper.

Richard Simmons gets down and dirty

Of course, no discussion of Whose Line guests would be complete without this video of Richard Simmons’ surprise appearance, which led to an unforgettable edition of Living Scenery. Drew’s hysterical laughter could be the best part — until Colin climbs a tree to get a coconut.

Colin fluffs his Garfield

What, exactly, does that mean? We’ll never know — but that bizarre fake euphemism soon became one of the show’s funniest running jokes. (Another favorite: Everyone’s cracks about Ryan’s bizarre shoes.)

Ryan breaks the desk — without breaking character

In a game of Party Quirks, Ryan is assigned “Carol Channing Whose Head Keeps Getting Stuck to Things.” What could possibly go wrong?!

Tony kills the Hoedown

One of the funniest clips from the UK version of the show: The guys are asked to sing a hoedown about vasectomies. Things get off to a bit of a weak start — nice cop out, Colin — but by the time we get to British favorite Tony Slattery, things are definitely looking up. So to speak.

Wayne serenades a lunch lady

While pretending to strip. “On Monday… meatloaf. On Tuesday… steak.”

Ryan and Colin cross their wires

The members of Whose Line‘s most dynamic duo were perfectly in sync — usually. That said, some of their best moments came when they weren’t on the same page… as in this edition of Greatest Hits.

The Irish Drinking Song that wasn’t

Possibly the funniest Whose Line clip — period. Go in blind; it’s better if you don’t know what to expect. (The improvisers sure didn’t.)

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