Director James Wan’s new horror movie The Conjuring doesn’t open until later this week, but New Line is already developing a sequel to the film, which stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Earlier Tuesday, Variety reported that Conjuring writers Carey and Chad Hayes were onboard to pen the sequel. A spokesperson for Warner Bros., with which New Line merged in 2008, confirmed to EW that a sequel is in development.

Farmiga recently told EW she would be more than happy to reprise the role of Lorraine Warren, who together with her late husband investigated thousands of alleged hauntings. “You need a sequel every now and again for the bank account,” the actress laughed. “But for me, personally, it’s because I really enjoyed doing it. I love the camaraderie that Patrick and I have and I genuinely love the character. She’s an eccentric. I’d love to step in Lorraine’s shoes again. And again!”

When EW spoke with Wan, he too was enthusiastic about the idea of a sequel and even suggested that one possibility might be to relate fully the case involving the doll known as “Annabelle,” which is featured in The Conjuring. “There’s so many cases that one could pull out of [the Warrens’] files,” said the director. “I myself think the Annabelle story could be a great standalone movie. That whole story is really interesting and really really scary.”

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