Sharknado fans won’t have to wait long before Syfy serves up its next whacked out original shark movie. But after creating every possible hybrid of sharks and other ocean creatures, natural disasters, or bizarre mutations, it seems like we’ve seen it all from the Syfy team…

…Until Ghost Shark. The channel’s latest cult shark film stars Mackenzie Rosman (Remember 7th Heaven‘s little Ruthie Camden, anyone?), as her character and friends investigate and fight off a phantasmic shark that materializes both in and out of the water.

Thomas Vitale, Syfy’s Executive Vice President of programming and original movies, says that the creativity behind the latest TV-movie to be added to the lengthy list of shark hits was inspired by an idea from his 7-year-old daughter. Although he says there is a “logical reason” behind the premise of Ghost Shark, we’ll have to wait until August 22 to find out exactly what that could be. Watch Syfy’s sneak peek clip and catch the trailer below: