Patton Oswalt posted a clip on Twitter of his first acting gig at the tender age of 19. The seasoned actor-comedian may not totally appreciate the look back at his performing roots — a faux stand-up routine that doubles as an educational video on college loans — but fans and viewers are sure to be amused by not just the look back at the then-baby-faced Oswalt but also the totally outrageous early 90s fashion. Every comedian started somewhere — often on a dark stage in awesomely dated clothes.

Watch his set below and check out the stand-up routines (and the fashions!) from some of your favorite comedians. (Some videos may be NSFW due to explicit language.)

13-year-old Seth Rogen performs in Vancouver, Canada before Freaks & Geeks — and before his voice cracked.

20-year-old Louis C.K. performs in Boston prior to complaining about the perils of middle-aged life.

20-year-old Jim Carrey impersonates Sammy Davis Jr. performing one of his standards.

21-year-old Chris Rock, billed as the Nat Turner of Comedy, infuses comedy to still relevant American racial issues.

22-year-old Sarah Silverman entertains in a proto-typical ’70s revival ’90s outfit.

Roseanne Barr in her pre-Roseanne stand-up days showcases her signature “domestic goddess” bit.

A dapper Bill Cosby in his twenties presents his famous “Noah” skit.

25-year-old Simon Pegg with peroxide blonde hair performs on the BBC.

26-year-old Chelsea Handler bemoans romantic comedies in her Los Angeles routine.

George Lopez does his best Rodney Dangerfield in Chicago circa 1990.