Like many a late ’80s/early ’90s rock band, Jesse and the Rippers faded into obscurity long ago. The group’s original frontman was dishonorably discharged from the band back in 1994 due to “commitment issues.” Though he moved on first by founding a new band called Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets, then by managing up-and-coming teen group Girl Talk, he could never quite recapture the spark of his “Forever” days.

Sources say that a 50-something Jesse Katsopolis can still be found in San Francisco, where he lives off his wife’s salary (she’s currently the head of programming at Channel 8 News) while struggling to keep the Smash Club open. Much of the couple’s funds are sucked up by their now-22-year-old twins Nicky and Alex, who have proved utterly unemployable. The whereabouts of the other Rippers have remained unknown… until now.

That’s because Jesse and the Rippers — a.k.a. John Stamos and a bunch of dudes whose names you wouldn’t recognize — are set to reunite this Friday, July 19 on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. People confirmed the news shortly after Stamos posted this mysterious video on his Instagram page:

Devoted nostalgists should have seen this one coming. A new Twitter account for “Jesse Katsopolis” has been posting “rare backstage shots” of Ripper gigs since June — and this past Saturday, the handle indicated that the band’s reunion was nigh:

From the Instagram video and this tweet, we can infer that Jesse and the Rippers will be performing “Everywhere You Look” (a.k.a. the Full House theme song, which was originally performed by a guy named Jesse — spooky!), possibly while wearing leather vests. But that tune is only about a minute and 30 seconds long at most — meaning that there’s got to be more to their performance than that. So tell me, Rippers and Rippettes: Which other gems do you hope to see the band dust off on Fallon? “A Little More Love”? The “Pounds Away” jingle? “Do Wah Diddy Diddy,” featuring Mary Kate and/or Ashley Olsen?

Give your hopes and predictions in the comments — though really, we all know there’s only one answer to that question:

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