Suits fans are going to have to get used to saying the law firm’s new name — Pearson Darby — when the show returns Tuesday (10 p.m. ET on USA). Perhaps taking part in Suits Recruits: Class Action will help. The multi-platform social game will go live at Tuesday afternoon and allow “self-proclaimed Suitors” to work with different members of Pearson Darby on a new case with one of the firm’s important clients, Wendigo. Suitors will be treated to more than 10 videos shot on the set of the show and scripted by its writers. We’ve got an exclusive clip of one below featuring Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) yodeling into his Dictaphone.

Fans wanting to blur the line between reality and fiction further can also interact with Suits characters on Twitter for “Suits After Hours.” Followers of @HarveyS_Suits, @MikeR_Suits, @LouisL_Suits, @DonnaP_Suits, @JessicaP_Suits and @RachelZ_Suits will see them converse with each other — and also respond to the Suits Recruits associates about the Wendigo case and reference the on-air story line. (Translation: Harvey Specter probably won’t respond to your inappropriate come on.)

Per the announcement, Pearson Darby will also award one of the Suits Recruits attorneys NOT a Lexus LS 460L sedan, the official vehicle of Pearson Darby (Lexus sponsors this experience), but a $25,000 bonus, which isn’t too shabby.