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I was bouncing around on ye olde Interwebs today when I noticed a tweet from Bachelor Pad enemy No. 1 Chris Bukowski informing the showmance-franchise’s beloved (and super-dreamy) host Chris Harrison that he’s joining Harrison’s new dating app At First Sight. My first thought: Why can’t the (semi-)newly single Harrison himself be the one setting up a profile?* My second thought: I gotta see this thing in action!

Keep reading as I take At First Sight for a spin — and send a gentle nudge to a few other celebs I’d like to join me in my “journey” to love online.

As is only appropriate for a dating site created by two TV producers, At First Sight’s primary point of entry is on camera. Gone are the days of complicated quizzes and questionnaires! Each user’s first step is to make a video introducing him or herself prompted by any number of questions/commands, including “Where are you in your life and who are you looking to meet?”; “What is the scariest thing you’ve ever been through or done? What did you learn?”; and “What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?” My first order of business was to “Record yourself dancing to your favorite song!” My takeaway: At First Sight is a place where no highfalutin grammatical skills are necessary — only a healthy dose of hubris and a desire to make love to the camera.

Though Chris Bukowski still hadn’t recorded his introductory video at time of press, I did come across a few other Bachelor alums during my journey down the rose hole — notably season 16 Bachelor Ben Flajnik. Ben said he’s looking for “someone that piques my interest and intellectually stimulates me.” So it was your intellect Courtney was stimulating while you were skinny-dipping in Puerto Rico, eh Ben?

While everyone from Michael Stagliano to Michelle Money rushes to a mobile device to film their own DIY biodoc, I’d like to open up the conversation. Sure, there are some Bachelorette alums I’d like to see tooling around At First Sight (Hey there, Arie Luyendyk! What’s new in your life, Ames Brown?), but why stop there? Below, the top five reality-TV fixtures I wouldn’t mind finding online:

CT from The Challenge: I’ve already written at length about my unstoppable affinity for this blue-eyed bad boy.

Rob Evans from America’s Next Top Model: Let’s ignore the rumors about him dating ANTM creator/host Tyra Banks and say thanks to Chris Harrison for giving Evans a proper vehicle to show off those chiseled cheekbones and that swoon-inducing accent.

Albie Manzo from The Real Housewives of New Jersey: The oldest Manzo child has said he’s hitting pause on his dating life to focus on business ventures, but if he was willing to prostrate himself before the Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger, something tells me he’ll be back on the hunt soon enough.

Pauly D from Jersey Shore: I’d prefer it if he were sporting his slicked-down Gatsby ‘do, but I wouldn’t object to the blowout. What can I say? The heart wants what it wants.

Property Brothers‘ Jonathan Scott: Handy and handsome? Done and done.

I fully recognize that this list barely scrapes the surface, so I’ll turn it over to you, PopWatchers: Which TV personality would you woo (or like to be wooed by) online if given the chance?

*Okay, so technically Harrison does have a profile under the same handle as his Twitter, but his intro video makes it clear he’s more interested in site feedback than come-ons. Ladies of America, I weep with you.

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