1 She and her first husband liked to experiment.

Jones says that her first husband, the late Broadway star Jack Cassidy, taught her ”to be free about sex.” Together, they experimented with amyl nitrite and even had a threesome. On their wedding night, Cassidy tried on Jones’ sheer black lace negligee and heels.

2 That same husband also experimented with Cole Porter.

Though he said he wasn’t gay, Cassidy confessed to Jones that he’d slept with Cole Porter in exchange for a job. He’d flirted with the composer before exposing himself and asking, ”Do you want some of this?” Years later, Jones read that the affair went on for years, with Cassidy always waving around his prize possession while Porter, whose legs were paralyzed, was forced to crawl toward him.

3 David Cassidy was a big, big star.

David, who was Jones’ stepson and Partridge Family costar, is apparently blessed with ”a giant endowment.” His brothers called him Donk, short for Donkey, and his similarly gifted father would compare sizes with David, which, Jones admits, ”probably didn’t help their rocky relationship.”

4 Fire can be sexy.

After a manic episode led Jack Cassidy to believe that he was Jesus Christ, his mental health quickly deteriorated. One night, he took Jones into the bedroom, where she hoped he would romance her by the fireplace. Instead, he just romanced himself, exclaiming, ”Isn’t it beautiful!”

5 She takes care of her skin.

Even as she approaches 80, Jones says that she still practices self-love, which is ”great for the skin.” Her favorite fantasy involves a ”faceless macho guy.” ”I say his dialogue and mine, out loud,” she writes. ”If people heard the explicit words I say, they would be shocked.”