Our preview of the sci-fi thriller from this year's Comic-Con

The first time Vin Diesel went to Comic-Con, he was promoting a dark sci-fi thriller about a homicidal loner with infrared eyes who’s marooned on a freaky planet. 2000’s Pitch Black became a low-budget sleeper hit, and Diesel’s early-millennium stardom prompted Hollywood to bankroll a franchise-baiting PG-13 sequel in 2004. But The Chronicles of Riddick was far from a box office success. As Diesel recalls: ”The studio said, ‘You will never make this movie again. There will never be another Riddick.”’

After nearly a decade — and one Fast & Furious-powered comeback — Diesel is reuniting with series director David Twohy for a third film that aims to reproduce the R-rated thrills of the original. So just how gritty is the new installment, in which the titular Furian warrior is stranded on a planet besieged by old enemies and a new set of bounty hunters? Deadpans Diesel, ”My kids won’t be able to see Riddick for 20 years.”

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  • 119 minutes