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You hear that sound, PopWatchers? It’s the sound of doves crying over the breakup between “wait-they’re-dating-huh?” couple Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco. After news broke that the two were in “the beginning stages of a relationship,” the tabloids couldn’t get enough of them. Alas, true love between Kal-El and Penny was not meant to be, and the couple quietly called it quits, according to People. Thankfully, their careers seem to be doing just fine.

The tabloids only caught wind of the relationship on July 1st, so we’ll never really know how long they actually dated. But let’s celebrate the 12 days that we were aware of it, with a by the numbers look at Cavill and Cuoco.

One: Number of times that Cavill was almost Superman (Brandon Routh got the role in Superman Returns). He was also this close to being James Bond (went to Daniel Craig), Batman (went to Christian Bale) and Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (went to Robert Pattinson). Oh, and he was Stephenie Meyer’s first choice for Edward in Twilight, but was deemed to old by the time production was getting geared up.

Two: Years that Kaley Cuoco and Big Bang castmate Johnny Galecki dated for without anyone finding out.

Three: Days it took for Man of Steel to make $125.1 million.

Four: As if looking like a Greek statue wasn’t enough, Cavill reportedly speaks four languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian. (Some news sources say it’s actually 9, which would make him too perfect).

Five: Cavill is one of five boys.

Six: Years Cuoco’s “younger sister” (played by Amy Davidson) on 8 Simple Rules is older than her in real life.

Seven: Season that the Big Bang Theory will start in the fall.

Eight: Number of rules — duh — that inspired 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage daughter (later renamed 8 Simple Rules).

Nine: Number of letters in Cavill’s middle name “Dalgliesh*.”

Ten: In ’10, Cuoco broke her leg in a horseback riding accident. Big Bang writers had to work around it, only showing her character sitting or behind furniture.

Eleven: In ’11, Cavill starred as Theseus in Immortals, which made a couple of dollars.

Twelve: Twelve. Of. These.

So bon voyage Haley. Or Kenry. Or Cavoco. Or Cuovill. Who would you like to see these two eventually end up with?

*Corrected from “Dagliesh”

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