Our preview of the pirate show from this year's Comic-Con

Sorry, Captains Crunch, Morgan, and Hook, but the swashbucklers on Black Sails are not interested in perpetuating pirate stereotypes. The upcoming Starz drama, exec-produced by Transformers director Michael Bay, centers on a cutthroat captain (Toby Stephens) and his crew and promises plenty of high-seas adventure — but no clichés. ”It is hopefully a look into a pirate world that I don’t think we’ve ever seen before,” says showrunner Jonathan Steinberg of the saga, which follows Stephens’ character as he and his men hunt for treasure while trying to avoid capture by British and Spanish forces. ”We are getting to the gritty reality of what that world was…. There’s no cartoon to it.” Steinberg adds that many of the characters and events depicted on the series, which is set in 1715, will be rooted in history. ”We want it to be a show that has really epic scope and a show that does big action, but at the same time it’s a show about people who have found this common ground. They may not agree on much, but they agree they don’t belong in the system.”