• Ben Affleck (Argo) has reportedly been eyeing the role of Nick Dunne in the book-to-film adaptation of Gone Girl, the psychological thriller with more twists and turns than Lombard Street. The self-absorbed man-child is the counterpart to the passive-aggressive Amy Elliot Dunne — the titular “girl” of the novel. The film, being developed by producer Reese Witherspoon (and she could claim the role of Amy), is being directed by David Fincher. Although this casting has not been confirmed, the buzz surrounding it suggests it would be welcome for fans of the novel. [Deadline]

• Sharlto Copley (Elysium) will return to the role of hero, after playing villains in Elysium and the upcoming remake of Oldboy, in the starring role of Ilya Naishuller‘s Hardcore. The film will be a first-person action movie, with Copley in the lead as a man who beats up bad guys and saves damsels in distress. Naishuller has garnered popularity through his short film “Bad Motherf—er,” which has earned praise and created high anticipation for his first feature film. [The Wrap]

• Paul Reiser (Behind the Candelabra) is joining the horror comedy Life After Beth in the role of Dane DeHaan‘s father. The film features Beth (Aubrey Plaza), a girl who comes back to life and wants to pick things up where she left off with her boyfriend (DeHaan). John C. Reilly plays Beth’s father in the darkly humorous love story, which began production this week. [THR]