Isn’t it every little boy’s dream to go see The Smurfs 2and then have your mom get sucked into the screen to perform the song she recorded for the soundtrack?

If that’s the case, then consider Britney Spears’ sons’ wishes fulfilled! In the just-released video for her new single “Ooh La La” (which appears on the soundtrack to the forthcoming pun-saturated kiddie flick The Smurfs 2), Spears takes sons Sean and Jayden to the movies only to be reverse Purple Rose of Cairo‘d in order to party with Smurfette and presumably step on some tiny blue creatures by accident. (Let’s face it: Those shoes are not ideal for avoiding Smurf-flattening.)

Watch it below:

The Smurfs 2 is in theaters July 31, with the soundtrack (which also features Nelly Furtado, Owl City, and Right Said Fred doing a song called “I’m Too Smurfy,” which scientists have now discovered is the cause of all brain aneurysms everywhere) will arrive on July 23.