By Annie Barrett
July 10, 2013 at 05:12 PM EDT
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If you’re wondering how last night‘s guest judge Paula Abdul knew 18-year-old animator Fik-Shun, it’s not because she saw him executing the Usher Slide while tiptoeing along a rainbow made out of poems in one of her better dreams (though she probably did). It’s because he tried out for her short-lived CBS reality show Live to Dance!

Check out the clips below of DuShaunt Stegall (his real name) getting three brutal “NO” buzzes at age 16 before landing a spot in So You Think You Can Dance‘s season 10 top 20.

I love how the host makes SUCH a big deal about how DuShaunt made his dad drive him ALL the way to L.A. from Las Vegas. Wow, what are the chances? No one has ever made that epic voyage before. Not in history. The guy seems about to whisper to him, “You do realize this is Paula Abdul’s CBS reality show, right?”

Though I do think the inventiveness of the chair (high drama from Paula: “That chair concerns me.”) would have sufficed for a 30-second “dahhhnce for your life” session on SYTYCD because the judges and producers already like him so much, Fik-Shun’s semifinal routine did not meet the high standard of Live to Dance. Paula recommended he take classes in styles other than hip-hop — which he seemed ready to do as a new student who felt lonely and isolated at the Las Vegas Academy. (The idea that he’s completely untrained at 18 seems like a farce. Sure, he’s a street performer primarily, but he had to have taken classes.)

On Tuesday’s show, Paula gushed over Fik-Shun (“I am so frickin’ proud of you!”) following his “explosive” paso doble with Amy Yakima.

Here’s my full recap of Tuesday’s performances.

Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and the viewers at home crown America’s Favorite Dancer.
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