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Here is the PG-rated poster for an R-rated film about an X-rated actress.

Until now most of the promo materials for the true-life pornstar drama Lovelace has focused on the sultry or seductive. A pair of tantalizingly crossed legs, and star Amanda Seyfried in a come-hither pose.

But this latest poster for the for them film takes a surprising turn toward the innocent.

Filmmakers Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman structured their story of Linda Lovelace with two conflicting points of view: was the Deep Throat actress truly the free-spirited, uninhibited nymph she appeared to be, enthusiastically contributing to the mainstreaming of X-rated films, or was she (as she later claimed) a victim of abuse, coerced into the sex trade against her will and scarred forever by what she was forced to do?

It’s not a spoiler to hint that the truth — at least as the film depicts it — isn’t clearly one thing or the other.

A part of her life was exciting, passionate, and sexy … just as a part of it was much darker than the fantasy the rest of the world saw. “It changes as her view of her life changes,” Friedman told EW when the film premiered at Sundance this year.

“We tried to mirror her psychology at the different periods of her life,” Epstein added. “That gave us the opportunity to have a tone that really varies. There’s a lot of humor in the film, and it’s a somewhat harrowing drama — as is life. Not everything is all tragic or all rosy and peachy.”

This poster of Seyfried comes closest to that line. Sexy? Yes. Slutty? No.

It hints at skin without being overt about what it’s hiding. The freckles suggest a lack of make-up, a more natural beauty coming through. And the expression on her face is not the half-lidded predator’s purr of the previous Seyfried poster, but something much more girl-next-store — curious, but tentative.

Lovelace opens in theaters and VOD Aug. 9.

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