By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated July 10, 2013 at 09:35 PM EDT
Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC

The search is on for a new co-host at The View.

Today marked Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s last day on the weekday gabfest and so far, according to the rumor mill, former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy and actress Brooke Shields are among those in the running to fill the former Survivor contestant’s seat. But are either of them the best choice to fill Hasselbeck’s small but fire-filled shoes? The answer depends on whether or not The View wants to use this opportunity to re-invent itself.

Hasselbeck, who famously represented the conservative point of view on the show, spent much her decade on the show fighting. Fighting her co-stars. Fighting critics. Fighting for her political views. Regardless of your opinions about Elisabeth Hasselbeck, she was often the center of The View‘s watercooler moments.

On this point, both McCarthy and Shields, whose name has been in the mix since March, have both had their share of headline-making. These days, McCarthy is known as much for her controversial anti-vaccine stance as she is for her career. And Shields once took criticism from actor Tom Cruise for her use of antidepressants to treat her postpartum depression. These women are not afraid of a debate, which could make them both good fits for the show. (Personally, I’d give the edge to Shields for her Princeton education and incredible star-power.)

All that said, are either of these women the right mix for The View, politically speaking?

I won’t pretend to precisely know how either McCarthy or Shields lean, but the absence of that knowledge in my pop culture-filled brain in a way makes a point. Some say neither McCarthy nor Shields would be a good fit because the show needs a strong (and loud?) conservative Republican voice or else the The View could turn into a table of synchronized nodding heads. So with that in mind, should someone like Meghan McCain be thrown into the running? Or even former Clueless star Stacy Dash, who took a lot of heat during the presidential election for backing Mitt Romney?

Again, it all comes down to The View‘s view of the future. Should they be looking for Elisabeth 2.0? Or give peace a chance? Your opinion is welcome.

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